AABClogo_bigMy in-home dog and cat behavior counseling is scheduled through Adaptive Animals, LLC.  I have decades of experience in dealing, at very high level, with dog and cat behavior issues, like anxiety, aggression, and inappropriate urination and defecation.  I am also experienced in dealing with the behavior of many exotic species.

My process involves an in-home appointment to gather a detailed history and to evaluate your pet.  At this Initial Consult, we develop a diagnosis (or diagnoses) and a Behavior Modification Plan, which you receive in a written, follow-up report.  I frequently involve a UW intern in your initial consult appointment, as well as your follow-up work.

To follow-up, I work directly with several trainers and interns who can assist with additional appointments for more learning, active animal training, or any other support you may need.  The trainer will have full access to my records and recommendations, and we will work as a team to help deal with the issues.  My recommendations for follow-up work will be part of our Initial Consult discussions and my Behavior Modification Plan.

If you are interested in my services, please go to adaptiveanimals.com and complete the Request a Consultation form.